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What's the origin of the word "Cop"?

Our five panel members are trying to find out the origin of the word “cop”. Each one of them seems to have a different opinion. Who do you think is correct? Click on the picture of the person you think has the right answer to find out the truth.

The Socialite.It’s British slang for copper, Darling. It all started because of those copper buttons on the Bobbies’ uniforms.
The Kid.Hey, it came from, ya know, to cop something. Like to cop an attitude or a bagel, ya know?
The Business Woman.That's easy! COP is an acronym that stands for Constable On Patrol. Trust me, I know the answer to this one.
The Professor.Now that’s an interesting story! Hundreds of years ago, cop was a slang verb that meant to capture. Thus, a person who captures criminals is today called a cop.
The Dazed.Cop, cop, copper... Hmmm, let me think. Maybe it's those copper badges they have... Hmmm... Is that right? Copper badges... ?

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